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Guangri Elevator 2016 and the global launching ceremony of G•Sup Super-Speed Elevator was successfully held


    On March 18th, 2016, the global launching conference of Guangri Elevator 2016 and the global launching ceremony of G•Sup Super Speedway with the theme of “Guangzhou New Pattern, Innovation and Winning the Future” was held in Canton city. More than 600 people from industry leaders, Guangri elevator dealers and media representatives participated in the event.


    At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Zhu Yixia, General Manager of Guangri Elevator, delivered a speech. He said that 2015 is a severe year, the industry reshuffles, the competition of enterprises is fierce, and the Guangri elevator has a steady growth inside and outside; 2016 is a year of expectation, we will relying on the new R&D platform, promoting the development and upgrading of elevator technology, and working hand in hand to make progress and trust! Subsequently, the share leaders expressed their affirmation of the performance of Guangri Elevator against the trend, and will support the comprehensive strength of Guangri Elevator in all aspects; Vice President Zhang Wei of China Real Estate Association also shared the new normal of the real estate industry in 2016, and thought highly of the Guangri Elevator and the top 500 real estate customers to broaden their cooperation. In the future, they are willing to support Guangri Elevator to contribute to the development of China's real estate industry.


    The people's wealth and the country's strength, to help the development of the industry, the country's prosperity, is the unshirkable responsibility of the national enterprise. With a new starting point and a new height, Guangri Elevator will set sail and continue to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, study core technology, deepen the service system, and adhere to quality-oriented; cooperate with all dealers and friends, and work together to achieve the Chinese Dream of Stronger Enterprises, Stronger Country.

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