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Guangri Elevator and Cambodia successfully signed 400 elevator equipment procurement strategic cooperation


    On October 28, 2016, 11 people including the State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture of Cambodia, the Governor of Kampong, and the Economic and Trade Representative visited the Guangri Elevator to open a new chapter for the development of the Guangri Elevator in the Cambodian market.

    Accompanied by the leaders of Guangri Elevator, the delegation visited the Guangri Elevator Brand Culture Center, the intelligent manufacturing workshop and the elevator exhibition hall to learn more about the long-standing corporate culture and leading technology level of Guangri Elevator. After the visit, Guangri Elevator held a strategic cooperation meeting. At the meeting, Mr. Zhu expressed warm welcome to the Cambodian government officials and pointed out that Cambodia is an important strategic market for Guangri Elevator overseas, and this investigation is a good foundation for cooperation in the future development of both parties. At the meeting, Governor of Kampong of Cambodia and State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture spoke respectively, and both expressed appreciation for the enterprise development and technical strength of Guangri Elevator. Subsequently, the two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the purchase of 400 elevator equipment.

    The visit of the Cambodian government officials is another full recognition of the strength and development of the Guangri elevator enterprise in the overseas market. Along with the Belt and Road Initiative strategic policy, Guangri Elevator will continue to expand its overseas market and increase its international brand building, so that the national brand of Guangri Elevator will bloom new glory overseas.

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