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Guangri Elevator Jion the 2017 CHINA(GUANGZHOU) International Robot& Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition


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    From August 27th to 29th, the 2017 CHINA(GUANGZHOU) International Robot& Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition (RoboIMEX2017) was grandly opened as the largest intelligent robot and intelligent manufacturing exhibition in China. Guangri Elevator follows the pace of Guangzhou Intelligent Equipment Industry Group, joint 10 companies including Songxing Electric, Herrenknecht AG, Zhizhuang Park, Guangri Electric, Westinghouse Screen Door, Guangri Logistics, Guangzhou Savera, showing a comprehensive display of our intelligent development pattern.

    The exhibition lasted for three days and covered six sections including robots, machine tools and automation equipment, additive manufacturing equipment, VR/AR equipment, and emerging technologies related to the smart equipment and manufacturing technology industries. Guangri participated in multi-dimensional content such as intelligent manufacturing, intelligent services and intelligent products. During the exhibition, relevant government leaders visited our booth and expressed their full recognition and affirmation for our intelligent industrial layout and development.

    In 2016, the country proposed the China Manufacturing 2025 Strategy. Guangri Elevator responded to the strategy call, took the lead in launching the intelligent manufacturing strategy upgrade, accelerated the integration process of two-in-one fusion, and increased the investment in intelligent equipment. It became the first batch of 2017 GUANGDONG Smart Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Projects. In the future, Guangri Elevator will continue to carry forward the advantages of intelligence, accelerate the pace of intelligent development, let China's intellectual creation, bloom in the world.

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