GreenMax-E Small Machine Room Passenger Elevator

    GreenMax-E passenger elevator with a small machine room is an augmented product of Guangri Elevator’s gearless permanent synchronous traction elevator with small machine room series. Inheriting the advantages of the Max Elevator and based on stable quality and safe and reliable operation, it uses the most advanced elevator energy-saving technology to minimize energy consumption that reflects considerable cost-effective performance. It is the best choice for buildings in the aspects of energy conservation.

Safe and Reliable

    With the use of direct braking traction wheel mode and the design of brake energy super redundancy, it is possible to make the elevator stop reliably stop or remain at standstill.

    Complete safety protection measures can protect the elevator at actual time when there is fault during operation, having the function to accurately record the fault and analyze the cause of the fault.

    Green and Environmental-friendlyh3>

    With the design of small machine room, the volume is only 40% of the conventional machine room, and height of the machine room is lowered correspondingly, which saves construction cost.

    LED light source with high optical efficiency and long service life is used, which practices energy-saving and environment protection in the minute.

Popularization of Barrier-free Elevator

    Rear-view device


    Braille buttons or external callbox without display in the hall

    Car operation panel for the disabled

    Voice Announcement

    Extended Opening Time in Car

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