GreenMax-H Household Elevator

    Elegant life quality is from one’s inner heart in pursuit of perfection. Guangri Elevator’s Max-H Household Elevator, either its quality or decoration, is dedicated to creating a permanent, rich and elegant life enjoyment. From the world’s leading drive technology to stylish design with unique aesthetic value, from the honorable and solemn appearance to the luxury and graceful interior decoration, all have great originality and help to set up a benchmark for the elevator with top-level taste.

Individuality • Design

    A talkback system is set inside the car, which can maintain communication with the outside under any circumstances.

    Car is provided with mirror decoration, which not only makes visual space inside the car look more spacious, but also is convenient for passengers to tidy themselves up.

    Elevator is provided with several fashionable car decoration schemes and humanized buttons, which passengers can select according to his/her habit and liking.

Natural• Enjoyable

    Layout scheme without a machine room has lower requirements for the top floor and the pit, and the scope of application is widened, beautifying the building and saving the construction cost.

    Advanced permanent magnetic synchronous technology is used, which maintains advantage in energy-saving and makes the layout of elevator more simple and reasonable.

    Power when under full load is equal to a 2-hp air conditioner, and daily power consumption is equal to a household fridge.

Wisdom • Style

    With a duplex 32-bit integrated elevator control system, all series CAN communication system, and multiple closed loop system control mode for electric current, speed and location.

    Accurate positioning mode for stop is directly realized, which makes operation of the elevator at high efficiency, comfortably and leveling correctly.

    In AC220V±15% household voltage single-phase input power source mode, it is possible to make installation, maintenance and use more convenient and faster.

    Permanent synchronous servo door operator has high efficiency in door opening/closing, which greatly reduces noise when opening/closing the door and makes your home more comfortable.

Enjoyable • Outstanding

    Brake scheme that directly stops the traction sheaves makes the elevator safer and more reliable.

    The design of elevator with car door greatly improves the safety coefficient as compared with other household elevator without car door, which prevents passengers from getting injured accidentally.

    UPS backup power supply can be selected for the elevator. For an elevator stop caused by power cut-off from the grid accidentally, UPS can automatically and synchronously start, making the elevator automatically operate to the best leveling location and keep the door open, and no passengers will be stranded.

    Advanced imported door screen system, plus the sensitive servo door operator blockage function, it is able to prevent the door operator of elevator from clamping the passenger accidentally.

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