ESW Elevator without Machine Room

    Since ESW elevator without a machine room was developed by Guangri Elevator, continuous improvement and optimization have been made. The ESW series in exquisite design construction and integrates high-tech of GreenMax, and the advanced gearless permanent synchronous traction technology is combined with reliable integrated control technique perfectly, and performs well and greatly meets the elevator requirements for public transportation facilities, special buildings and dwelling house.

Saving Space

    ESW Elevator without a machine room makes it possible to simplify structural design of buildings, give the architect wider space in design and imagination, and breakthrough in architectural construction aesthetic thinking.

    Construction without a machine room saves space and can effectively bring up the utilization rate of the building area.

    Exquisite design in construction, convenient installation and maintenance can meet the design of different buildings.

Low-carbon Emission and Environmental-friendly

    Space reasonably utilized, time and cost for building a machine room are saved that directly generate social and economic benefit.

    Gearless permanent magnetic synchronous host machine achieves direct drive, and the whole elevator has high efficient. Inside the cab LED light source that has a long service life and prominent energy-saving capability is used, sublimating the visual effect and realizing outstanding energy-saving effect.

    There is no need to change lubrication oil in the host machine, so it reduces oil pollution. With advanced drive technology and control technology combined, ESW Elevator reduces vibration and noise, and operation is smooth and quiet that reflect Guangri Elevator’s social consciousness that cares for the people and protects the environment.


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