High-Speed Elevator

G•Qik G Series High-speed Elevator made by Guangri Elevator – Technology Keeping Pace with the Times


Performance of G12 is greatly improved. You can experience the high efficiency immediately.
More powerful control chip fully upgrades the operating speed and property of the system.
Intelligent group control system can make quick and rational arrangement for calling in the hall to shorten the waiting time effectively and make flexible response to the change of passenger flow volume.
The function of door-opening in advance will shorten the door opening time when the elevator stops at the target floor and improve the operation efficiency on the premise of safety and reliability.
Overall serial communication technology can help the elevator to realize the convenient extension of functions.


Integration of a number of high technologies in step with the times.
Energy feedback frequency conversion and energy saving technology will give the electric energy generated during operation of elevator back to the power grid of building to supply power for other equipment, which is conducive to energy conservation and environment protection.
High precision guide rail and self-adaption fixing system will improve the quality of ride and transport.


Always adhere to the aim of “Humanity first and safety supreme”. Think what you are thinking about and consider what you never imagine.
Permanent magnet synchronization traction machine exclusively used for high-performance double support high-speed elevator, extra large shaft load and redundancy disc brake system make the elevator more powerful and reliable.
The trolley guide shoe will reduce the friction and vibration greatly and improve the operation efficiency and service life effectively.
Intelligent terminal stroke-reduction technology can realize the stroke reduction calculation by the high-speed control system and absolute position transducer in the shaft. Stroke reduction buffer can reduce the depth of pit, optimize the architectural design and ensure the stable braking and stop of the elevator.
The overall compensation system of steel wire rope will balance the gravity of traveling cable and traction wire rope, make the traction more stable and ensure safe and comfortable ride.
Multiple feed mode and special switching power supply module for elevator can ensure the stability and efficiency of mechanical and electrical components.


Elegant and personalized space
Incorporate the advanced design concept of the industry, integrate the new materials with the new techniques and create the new-style personalized public space.

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