Machine Roomless

G·Wiz-MRL Machine Roomless elevator

Have great originality with extraordinary concept


Technologyinnovative  Performance upgraded

Technology ofinnovative installation without machineroom, simplifieddesign structure of architecture and breakthrough of architectural aesthetics thought give the design of building a broader imagination space.
Loading capacity performance has been optimized comprehensively so as to improve the transport efficiency.
New arrangement to improve the civil construction requirements can effectively reduce the depth of the pit to increase the shaft utilization rate into10%.
Control cabinet adopts the distributed design with the power system installed in the shaft, which will completely eliminate the influence of noise from control cabinet on the user and make it easierfor operation and maintenance.


Core technology of intelligence

Intelligent control technology integrated into the products willbring the comfortable and convenient life to you.
Double 32-bit microcomputer control and integrated control technologycan improve the system response speed and stability.
Main control board safety loop DC input signal makes the elevator running safely and reliably.
Advanced communication technology optimizes the system stability and can realize the convenient development of function of elevator.
Intelligent group control management will carry out the response flexibly according to the passenger flow change with efficiency first, so as to shorten the waiting and riding time.


Safety and energy saving, stable and quiet

The safe, energy-saving, stable and quiet products with advanced energy saving technology and safety technology will bring you peace during riding.
Double permanent magnet synchronous technologywill improve the elevator operation efficiency, further optimize the building space, and ensure that the elevator is able to run efficiently at low energy consumption and low noise.
The thoughtful multiple safety protection measureswe make try to consider every detail for passengers from the humanized prompt design to the intelligent fault judgment process to ensure the safety of passengersall-round.
High precision block type braking system can ensure the reliable braking while further reduce the brake noise.
New installation technology anddesign of the shaft without the machine support beam equipped with good damping noise reduction device to make the elevator running more smoothly and quietly.

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