Passenger Elevator with Min-machine room

Guangri G • Exc Professional Passenger Elevator for Residential Building.
Carry forward dozens-of-years of experiences on professional elevator
Enjoy the homelike and excellent quality
G•Exc——Best choice for residential customers


Elevator with stable performance, convoyed by extraordinary cores

G15 control system leads the new life style of intelligentization.
intelligent control system is fully updated, efficient and stable to guarantee excellent performance.
DC input signal for the safety circuit of main control panel and multi-channel redundancy design provides high safety margin.
Dual CAN bus communication technology is adopted to provide precise and reliable information; mobile phone debugging enables convenient maintenance.
Self-developed serial door machine program can provide better system compatibility.


Efficient, environment-friendly, energy-saving and durable

Green technology brings unprecedented comfort.
International leading driving technology of permanent magnet synchronous traction machine enables higher operation efficiency, making our elevator energy efficiency index reaching national A-level.
Redundancy design is adopted for the traction machine to further improve load on the main shaft, guarantee elevator operation safety, and prolong the traction machine’s service life.
New generation of low noise crossflow fan and block brake of traction machine provides you a comfortable and tranquil space.
New LED lighting source is energy-saving and environment-friendly, to create a brand new vision experience.


Considerate design, safely homing

All-round human-centered design, extreme safety.
Brand new cabinet design, professional warm style, welcome for your riding.
Extra wide and extra deep car is available for your option, satisfying various needs for living and emergency.
Floor door system with double lock hook is adopted to effectively prevent from accidental opening of floor door and guarantee the passengers’safety.
Perfect combination of advanced LDS shaft layout drawing system and EDS professional design system is of high customization to provide quick response.
New requirements of national standard UCMP are met in advance, which can effectively prevent from accidental movement of the cabinet.
Brand new fixed static light curtain leaves no blind spot and enables passengers to be in and out of the elevator more safely.
We uphold the design concept of “people foremost”, apply accessibility, IC card intelligent management, door opening time delay, professional operation etc. into the product, every function demonstrates our humane care.

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