GreenMax-B bed elevator

Safe and reliable,comfortable and convenient

    Guangri Max-B bed elevators always abide by the care and dedication spirit advocated by healthcare field, take into full account the particularities of the medical environment and the best vertical transport solutions of which are designed for medical institutions. The design focuses on facilitating the transport of patients, medical equipment and medical staff, adopting the design concept for stable and comfortable riding, advanced intelligent control system and bright and tidy car, highlighting humanistic concern in every possible way and bringing great convenience for passengers.

Smooth and steady, to construct the health shield

    Max-B bed elevators are equipped with sophisticated multiple safety protection system and advanced drive and control system. The optimal movement curve is precisely preset for the elevator to make it level accurately and run in a smooth, steady and comfortable way, and make the passengers and medical equipment get in and out freely and safely.

Technology, to improve the efficiency of medical treatment

    Bed elevator adopts advanced 32-bit integrated microcomputer control system and CAN bus serial communication networking system. Application of intelligent management greatly improves the service efficiency of bed elevator, shortens the waiting time of patients and strives to create the best medical transport environment.

Environmental protection, to beautify the medical environment

    Bed elevators adopt permanent magnet synchronous gearless drive technology and LED lighting system that greatly reduce the electric energy loss and oil pollution, eliminate the noise and vibration caused by the transmission of traction machine, make the environment cleaner and vivify the healthcare environment.

Details, to deliver the humanistic concern

    Max-B bed elevators adopt the barrier-free design to show more friendly humanistic concern. The optimal car space and warm and clean decoration inside the car are considerate for the doctors and patients to increase their confidence to overcome the diseases and pursue the things that make them healthy.



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