Bed Elevator

The brand new G•Wiz-B bed elevator.People-oriented innovation of science and technology.


Efficient and stable
Highly efficient, stable and safe G12 intelligent control core brings the excellent performance to the running of elevator.
Double 32-bit microcomputer and integrated control technology will improve the system response speed.
Advanced communication technology optimizes the system stability and can realize the easy expansion for functions of the elevator.


Safe and comfortable
Leading technology of security and environmental protection will ensure the safe and comfortable riding of the passengers all-round.
Advanced technology of permanent magnet synchronization makes the elevator have serenity and remarkable energy efficiency.
No weighing compensation start technology will ensure the smooth running of the elevator.
Safe and reliable braking system insures the safe running of the elevator, and can control the opening and closing time for the brake accurately, making the ride more comfortable.


Clean and humanistic
Details of the design reveal the humanistic concern, make the building more genial and sweet.
Improve the space and loading capacity of the car comprehensively, make it easily meet the more challenging transport requirements.
Positive and negative ion air purifier in the car can sterilize and remove the dust effectively and improve the air quality inside the car. The ultraviolet sterilization device in the car can reduce the iatrogenic infection.
Clean and beautiful decoration will make the passengers feel cheerful.
Special filter for the elevator will reduce the electromagnetic disturbance, guarantee more stable power supply.

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