GRR escalator and moving walks introduce the advanced technology in the world. After several times of optimization design, the safe and reliable performance, durable quality and highly integrated advantages in technology of GRR escalator make the passengers enjoy comfortable riding upwards and downwards, allowing unobstructed views of the beautiful environment around you, and lend enchantment to hotels, shopping malls, business centers, air transports and other public places.

Advanced control technology

    32-bit microcomputer is used as the control chip of the variable frequency escalator, the microcomputer-based intelligent integration control technology integrates the logical control of the lower PC and the driving control of the upper PC, meets the design requirements for complicated environment with lighter weight and slim profile and embodies the modern design concept with high efficiency and high integration rate.

    The variable frequency control technology is adopted. The escalator will automatically turn into energy saving operation mode when the infrared sensors at the entrance detect the escalators or moving walks are running without any load, this will reduce the energy consumption for 10~40%.

    The escalator with variable frequency control technology has a strong anti-interference ability which will minimize the influences caused by the external power grid, voltage fluctuation and other unstable factors and make the escalator run smoothly and steadily.

Intelligent design

    The running direction displayers are set at the entrance of the escalators and moving walks to give clear instruction to the passengers.

    The escalators and moving walks are equipped with automatic switch-on/off device with timer which enables the operators to turn on and off the device automatically according to the pre-set time and makes the operation easier.

    The fault code will be shown on the escalator since it has the automatic fault indication function. This will make the maintenance faster, more convenient, accurate and timely.

    The intelligent automatic lubrication system can realize automatic lubrication on the key parts at regular time and on the fixed point which will make the operation and maintenance more convenient.

High quality structure

    The main chord of the truss of Guangri escalators and moving walks adopts the rectangular pipe, with better structural behavior and reduces the deformation of the truss to the minimum.

    The bi-direction oriented modularization guide rail system will ensure the high accuracy moving and smooth running of steps to make the passengers feel more comfortable during their riding.

    The drive of handrail adopts a flexible clamping system which can guarantee the full synchronization of the handrail and the steps and extend the service life of the handrai.

Humanized design

    The parameters of each type of motor and all the running mode procedures are built in the control system, so the self-learning of motor is not necessary at site. This greatly simplifies the installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance. The installation process is quick and easy, which significantly shortens the installation and commissioning time.

    The slim-type handrails of ergonomic design with moderate width and thickness provide convenience for passengers, especially easier to be gripped by the elderly and children, thus improve the safety during riding.

    The escalator steps, treads, skirts, cover plates, handrail frames as well as passenger information display areas are made of stainless steel, which enhances the strength of the parts, guarantees the quality of equipment and beautifies the building.

    The anti-skidding streak lines are designed on the surface of steps with striking yellow boundary on the edges which will help to distinguish each step and make the passengers enjoy the safe and comfortable riding.

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